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My R9 390x Always Getting BSOD

Question asked by shazliey on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by kingfish

Hi i wanna ask about bsod when using this gpu,  its about 10 bsod i get in one day , it start when i play a game, all minidump file is uploaded here, i already put gpu back to the box , sorry for my broken english haha , Im open heaven benchmark for 20 minutes and have no bsod but when i play game like dota , only 5 minutes then bsod start to show up , sometimes appear Memory_management , but its only show up when im using gpu , when using intergrated gpu from cpu everthing is ok , not a single bsod ,



so the real question , is my gpu is faulty ?




my pc spec:


Intel g4560 1151 kabylake

h110mh pro d4 biostar

8gb kingston 2133 ddr4

500gb wd blue

psu : st70f-es230 700w silverstone

gpu : R9 390X PCS+ PowerColor