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    a10 r6 display driver failed to update


      I installed 2 2100 Mhz Ram sticks into my Asus X550ZA A10-7400P R6 AMD graphics laptop. (not the issue) after installation and reboot, the screen went black. HDD stopped and all input ceased to go through to the computer. Upon reboot, the BIOS fully loaded and after the Win 10 splash screen finished, the screen stayed black. HDD stopped at this point. Upon reinstallation of windows 10, 3-6 minutes into boot time, the screen goes black. I try installing windows 8.1. Success. All drivers update besides the Display driver which is stuck the the basic Microsoft display driver. before all Microsoft updates, searching for the drivers online or with a downloaded file will install the driver but once the driver is recognized by the computer, it flashes like normal but then goes black and the HDD stops. input ceases. Safe-mode allows uninstallation of the driver. All drivers from the official Asus and AMD sites do not install now. after all Microsoft updates the installation reports as failed.

      Now. The question is, is it my motherboard? The graphics card (CPU/GPU)? I'm hoping its software related.

      SMBIOS is 2.8 11/20/2014

      currently running windows 8.1 pro version 6.3.9600 Build 9600

      I have tried installing ( VGA_D_AMD_Win81_64_VER1335210150 and radeon-crimson-relive-17.2.1-minimalsetup-170228_web ) to find the right driver as well as the automatic online option within device manager

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          1.Update BIOS

          2.Win 8.1 must be fully updated

          3.AMD APU uses system RAM as video RAM and your new RAM modules can be cause of this problem

          4.Delete C:\AMD folder

          5.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.12.2 driver or one of the previous driver versions 16.9.2 or 16.7.3

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              To add to the configuration, the ram I have installed is 8gb of "Low-voltage 1.35V DDR3 2133MHz laptop memory. ((SYSTEM RECOGNIZES 2133 MHZ AND RUNS AT GIVEN SPEED)) DDR3 module. PC3-17000 rating, with timings of CL11 (11-11-11-31)"

              I'll try updating the Bios. I have once before, so I doubt it will update any further.

              8.1 is fully upgraded. I forced update several times to do so.

              I have to try the uninstall of AMD software and install what you have given. I will try an update of Bios first.

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              The Bios I have installed is newer than the one you linked. I installed the Driver version 16.300.2311.0

              Date: 7/18/2016

              Upon reboot, HDD stops like before. In safe-mode, I can only "disable" the driver now, the basic one I had doesnt exist anymore.

              I removed all previous display drivers besides the basic one before installing the new driver.

              8.1 is fully updated.

              my ram is of the 17000 series, everything else about it is the same as the one that came with the computer besides the clock speed of 2133 Mhz

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                  About BIOS version - probably you provided not full model name of your laptop (Look on the bottom side of your laptop)

                  I think your APU can be not compatible with this RAM set. You should contact ASUS for clarifications.

                  Try to lower RAM frequency if it is possible or use only one RAM module for experiment.

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                      Clarification. The ram mods work in two other laptops. I currently have the second stick in my HP. A much older, slower computer. AS US is not helpful. They want me to send it in to them. Now, (X550za-sa100603e) . I'm not ready to dismiss that it could be the Ram, yet either everything I've done so far points to some fact that the Ram works. Unfortunately I don't have my old ram mod, and even if I did, I still got the same issue when I try to put it back in, even having the old 1600 mhz limit the 2100 back down to 1600 didn't work by having both mods in it(1600 mhz & 2100 mhz), though I'm not sure how I could decrease the speed with just one stick.