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Why does the Ryzen IMC not support two 16GB (32GB toral memory) dimm modules running at 3200MHZ.  I have an Asu ROG Crosshair VI Hero, Asus says the problem is with Ryzen not their board,

Question asked by os2wiz on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by disi

Why is Ryzen not supporting high speed dimm performance for 16GB dimm modules? Asus says it is not the motherboard limitation, it is the Ryzen processor. It is sad this situation exists. At first I thought it was a bios issue, but Asus says not at all. Also part of the problem with less than stellar gaming performance in various reviews is that latency is increased because some data threads are going to the wrong ccx . That can not be corrected by software but only through design modification when Zen 1 or Zen plus is released. I just wish you had not cut short the development process on the IMC and the ccx thread loading until these shortcomings were corrected.