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Cooling solution for 1800x?

Question asked by alonzotg on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by black_zion

I really wish there were at least some recommended guidelines for selecting a cooler for the 1800X. It looks like, and the review sites seem to be confirming that a liquid cooling solution is advisable for this chip... So the basic coolers can be had for about $80, the full EKWB solution for my chassis is around $380... I would very much like to know where the line between "sensible headroom" and "overkill" is... My room temperature can get up to around 85 degrees F in the summer... I've been unemployed for years so therefore I'm going to basically spend everything I have on this thing. %P


Situation: Machine to be retired is a Phenom II, 1090T, 7 years of outstanding performance, as far as the CPU goes, it's absolutely perfect and I've run this thing ragged doing both games and number theory codes, my evil roommate has used it too... (Gentoo Linux)


I also have a Kevari which does not work at all when the room temperature gets above 75 degrees F due to an A88X overheat. =|   (Windows 7)