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    Crossfire Rx 480 low bottom fps


      Hello Community!

      I have a Pc with an crossfire rx 480 configuration and encountered a problem!


      CPU: i5 6600k

      RAM: 1x Corsair 8gb vengeance 2400MHz

      MB: MSI z170A pro gaming

      GPU: 2x MSI 8gb Rx 480

      Monitor: Acer 2650x1080 144 Hz freesync monitor

      I set up my crossfire configuration and it worked fine in synthetic benchmarks (both cards ran with the same speed and on 100%).

      But if I start Dirt rally and start the benchmark there a weird thing happens ( 4xMSAA everything on Ultra) : Pc in single card mode -->(FPS:/av./min./max) (83/69/102) Pc in crossfire mode -->(FPS:/av./min./max) (97/57/130) I get less fps on the lower end with two cards than with one

      Has anybody got any idea what  causes this ? Thanks in advance !

        • Re: Crossfire Rx 480 low bottom fps

          1.This game has not excellent Crossfire support

          2.In your resolution this game is CPU limited i think

          3.In conditions mentioned above you can have negative GPU scaling. Even for average and max FPS.You can try to force 8x MSAA (in game menu or in Dirt rally game profile Radeon settings>Gaming>Dirt rally(you can create this profile if it doesn't exist)