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    Christmas new build



      Christmas 2016 I got a ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX R3.0

      so I basically upgrade what I already have with this super cool mobo

      now my FX 6300 cpu is not overclock

      and I'm getting some disturbing reading with HMonitor about the voltage of the CPU Vcore max out goes up to  1.440V  at CPU stock speed

      I don't really like see my CPU Vcore go over 1.4V especially when the CPU run a stock speed

      I temporarily solve this issue by turning off the turbo core in my BIOS that btw is on by default

      so the question why the CPU Vcore goes up to 1.440 voltage ? is normal? I have a bad CPU? something is wrong with the mobo? or PSU?

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          ASUS motherboards like to set too high CPU voltage. It doesn't mean that you have any hardware issues. Just set  CPU voltage manually to 1.3V

          Or ignore it. 1.440V will not fry anything and such voltage will not be constant anyway.

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              I'm not comfortable to play with the voltages

              and since I never done that I keep my turbo core off

              CPU Vcore with the Turbo Core off the voltages are = min 0.864 V up to 1.260 V

              CPU VCore with Turbo Core on the voltages was = min 0.864 V up to 1.440 V

              and according to the CPU specification the boosted state should get 1.425V so there is 0.015 extra voltage that shouldn't be there

              and btw I don't see any difference in term of gaming performance with the Turbo core on or off