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RX480 low FPS.. HELP!

Question asked by ryan'sprivates on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by kingfish

Just got MSI Armor RX 480 8gb card.. low frames. 50-70 fps, when my R7 360 was getting 80-90. Screen flickering too! What's the deal?? I've taken out card, updated drivers, re-installed windows.. no luck. Thought it was comparable and even better at times than GTX 1060. Which maxes out at 200 fps on my game of choice.


I was absolutely sure the card would max out at 200FPS on America's Army (game I'm testing)

1060 6gb caps at 200fps.

R7 360 2gb gets 80-90fps.

Rx480 8gb gets 50-70fps.

i dont understand.