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Performance Issues with 7950 eGPU

Question asked by raulgbcr on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2017 by kingfish

Hi, since some months I adquired some kind of device to connect an external graphics card to my laptop (ASUS G73jh)

I also bought an Shappire AMD 7950 with boost graphics card from second hand (My budget wasn't so much)


When I tested it all seemed to be working fine, all the games I tested was working good, with the performance you expect from an 7950. My problem comes when playing CS:GO. I could perfectly play CS:GO with the integrated AMD 5870 that my laptop comes with. But when playing with the new card it really have hard performance issues, it drops fps below 30 when more that 2 or 3 players are in the screen, have also drops when you look directly on a smoke. I didnt have many problems with other games, they run just as they should, but this one dont.


I get in touch with the Steam support, but they couldn't give me any help on whats going on... So if anyone could give me a hand it will be very apreciated!

Regards, Raul