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Radeon RX 460 Dual Monitor Problems

Question asked by willkozy on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by whiskey-foxtrot

Hi there to all. This is my first post, so thank you for having me.

I recently bought a computer that has (according to the device manager in Windows 10) a Radeon RX 460.


I  recently had a much older PC that was running an AD HD7770. On that computer I had no issues running dual monitors. I had one monitor connected via the HDMI port and another connected with a VGA cable utilizing a VGA to DVI connection. No issues.


This RX 460 is becoming the bane of my existence. When I use the HDMI on one monitor, everything works flawlessly. When I use the VGA to DVI adapter and plug in the second monitor, both screens go black. If I unplug the DVI, the HDMI comes back on. That being said, I had read that this card needs some sort of powered adapter or something? I'm really confused. I didn't think in this day and age that i would run into so many issues.


Ok, now, I then did some reading and saw that there is a Display Port on the card too (RX 460).


My question is this: If I buy a HDMI to DP adapter, will I be able to run both monitors or will they go black again? Are there any alternatives to get this working or is the card unable to do it? I can't imagine the card having 3 different inputs without the ability to run multiple displays. The software that came with it even has the ability to do it, Eyefinity.


Please help me here. I have asked on Reddit and some other places and nobody seems to want to replay or has the answer. Thank you all so much.