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dxdiag error

Question asked by guardman on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2017 by goodplay

The file C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0311199.inf_amd64_71ef621a77f87d8c\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0311199.inf_amd64_71ef621a77f87d8c\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0311199.inf_amd64_71ef621a77f87d8c\aticfx64.dll,C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0311199.inf_amd64_71ef621a77f87d8c\amdxc64.dll is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL).  You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.


I get an error which messes up my game anyone know how to fix. It messes up directX