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Need to reinstall RX 480 drivers every few days; unusable otherwise

Question asked by bigbinch on Mar 1, 2017
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About a month ago I had to do a clean reinstall of windows 10, and prior to that my 480 and the drivers were working fine. Now though I've been having nothing but problems


Upon first installing the drivers games run fine and everything is normal, but after a few days certain games will start running horribly and be nearly unplayable, and the rest start running like slightly worse. The only way to fix this is use the AMD cleanup utility to remove everything, then reinstall the drivers. Then it'll work fine for a few days, sometimes less, then break again. At a certain point the drivers were also causing me bluescreens but that doesn't seem to be happening anymore?


I've been doing this reinstalling cycle constantly for the past few weeks and it's actually extremely annoying and not very good, is this a known issue? I'm definitely installing the right drivers. I also don't know why this seemingly happened after my clean windows reinstall, and I hope it's not related because if I have to wipe and reinstall windows again my soul will leave my body


Thanks in advance


win 10 64bit

i5 2310

MSI RX 480 4gb

8gb ram