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    HD 7970M switchable graphics




      for some weeks already i'm having issues with my graphics card drivers and by now i have tried almost everything i could find in this forum, but it still doesnt work.


      My setup:

      XMG Schenker laptop P502

      Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit)

      Intel i7-3630 QM CPU

      AMD Radeon HD 7970M

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

      8 GB RAM

      current AMD driver: Crimson ReLive 17.2.1


      Originally i used the preinstalled driver (Catalyst Control Center) with switchable graphics and it worked flawlessly until a bit over a month ago, when i suddenly faced

      some problems while gaming, so i thought it was a good idea to finally upgrade my drivers. The device manager keeps telling me that everything is fine with both my

      GPUs but whenever i try to launch Radeon Settings i get the well known error message "Failed to create OpenGL context...". Basically I cannot run any game that needs

      3D graphics for over a month already. Not even the Windows Experience Index is working for the GPU. I already tried several new ReLive drivers, Legacy drivers, tried to get older CCC

      drivers to work, but nothing works out. I always used the recommended way of deleting everything properly with DDU and in the proper order, that i have found in different

      posts on this forum. I always use the newest Intel drivers. The closest case i could find was this one: Need help installing AMD HD 7970m drivers for Windows 7 64-bit laptop...

      Sadly all the advice does not work for my system. At this point i don't know what else to try honestly.