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    3 r290x cards and 4 displays?


      I have 3 Radeon 290x cards connected together (Crossfire...?) Is it possible to connect a total of 4 displays (3 LCD monitors, and 1 HDTV)?


      My card connections are as follows:

      HDMI = TV via HDMI (Identifies as "Display 1") - shows up as detected, but cannot be enabled.

      DisplayPort = RIGHT monitor via DVI-to-DP Adapter (Identifies as "Display 4")

      DVI 1 (top) = CENTER monitor via DVI (Identifies as "Display 3")

      DVI 2 (bottom) = LEFT monitor via DVI (Identifies as "Display 2")


      My 3 main monitors work just fine, with the desktop extended onto all 3 (no EyeFinity in use). My TV, which is mounted on the wall above where my monitors sit, will not connect, althought it is physically connected to the HDMI port of the top most card (where all the other displays are plugged into). In the Windows 10 app, when I try to enable it, I get the error: "The display setting could not be changed. Please try a different combination of display settings.


      I also have tried plugging the TV into some of the other ports on the remaining cards, with no luck (HDMI-to-HDMI, as well as HDMI-to-DP). It doesn't even show up in the windows display applet when I try it this way.


      I'm using Windows 10 x64 pro, with everything up to date, and did an update to the latest Radeon drivers. Any thoughts? Some screenshots attached.



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          In your configuration monitors connected to DVI ports must be identical

          Or you have another two options:

          1.Disable crossfire and plug your HDMI TV to second or third GPU

          2.Buy DP MST hub and DP to HDMI adapter and connect your DP and HDMI displays via this hub to the main GPU.You can still use crossfire in this case.

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              OK lemmie make sure I understand... assuming I'll get a DP MST hub, (and my 3 main monitors are in fact all the same), I would need to buy DVI-to-DP adapters for the monitors, and plug them all into the HUB. Then I can plug the TV in directly to the card via HDMI. Correct?

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                  In theory you can use all of your monitors without any hubs if monitors connected to DVI ports are identical

                  But it works not always.

                  If you will buy MST hub you can plug 2 or 3 DVI monitors in that hub using corresponding adapters(i suggest active adapters) and R9 HDMI port must start working.Also you can plug your TV to that hub too (using DP to HDMI adapter).I mean you can leave one DVI monitor connected to your R9 card directly in any case.