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Radeon video cards compatible with the projector XGIMI H1.

Question asked by sandman5000amd on Feb 28, 2017


I would like to learn very subtle nuance. Work Radeon and Projector.

Is the user's video card Radeon R9 290. recently purchased this projector FullHD XGIMI H1. When displaying images on a projector get a bad picture. Picture oiled like the pixels are not properly placed.
I went through a whole bunch of drivers. I adjust all handles in the driver settings. Scaling set up. I set up the projector. - Does not help.
Put any video card from nVidia, I get a clear FullHD image immediately.

I've already written in XGIMI ( waiting for an answer.
I can not understand what the problem is interaction. Can the projector's firmware is to blame? Can Radeon driver to blame? Or both?

Please pay attention to it.

I tried enough equipment to get a trend.

List the use of equipment that does not work correctly display.
1. Intel Core i5 4440 (Intel® HD Graphics 4600), ATI Radion Sapphire R9 290
2. AMD Phenom X4 965, Radeon HD2600XT
3. Laptop HP 3566 (AMD A6-3400M, Radeon HD Graphics 6520G)
4. Around five of old cards from the Radeon.

List of use of the equipment in which it works.
1. Intel Core i5 4440 (Intel® HD Graphics 4600), GeForce 7900GS
1. Intel Core i3, GeForce GTX 650