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AMD A6-5400K APU - High CPU usage. Quad core? Dual core? Single core?

Question asked by dragonate on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by redfury

So I bought, for $500, a computer over 4 years ago. The box I got it in said "AMD Athlon A6-5400K Quad-core APU" on the side of it. Found out about a year ago it's actually only a dual-core. Well, now that I make videos for YouTube and live stream, I've been learning a lot more about computers. Still don't know much, but I know that higher cores is better. I can't do half the stuff I want to be able to do because my CPU can't handle anything. Having nothing open, it sits at over 50% CPU usage. Having internet open, along with a single other application like MS Paint causes CPU usage to be at 100%-110% or more. I experience lag for everything I try to do.

Found out this weekend that this isn't even a dual-core CPU. At least not in the way that you think of a CPU having 2 cores. See in the picture what I am talking about. msconfig and CPU-Z both say it has 2 cores. The little picture along with CPU-Z's info shows quad core. Task manager says 1 core and 2 logical processors. Logical processors are NOT the same thing as cores. This is a single core that is being treated as if it were 2. Hence 2 logical processors. This has to do with threads.

See also in the attached picture some info I found. 'That AMD processors actually have half the cores they tell you about.' What's going on? I can't even find, in my BIOS settings, where CPU stuff is located to see if

1. there even is a second core &

2. if the (possible) second core has been disabled for some reason.


So basically, I bought a quad-core CPU, received a 'dual-core' CPU, only to find out it doesn't actually have 2 real, actual, full, physical cores.