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    Tri-crossfire doesnt work in Directx12 games

      • Graphic Card; AMD R9 295x2 and AMD R9 290X (Tri-crossfire)
      • Desktop
      • Operating System; Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installer; Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.5
      • Display Devices; Viewsonic V3D241wm 1920 x 1080 121 Hz
      • Motherboard; Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
      • CPU; I7 4790K
      • Power Supply; Corsair TX950W
      • RAM; 16GB DDR3 2133 Mhz


      Hi, Sorry my language at first, im use google translator, im spanish. I have problems with my RIG. Directx 12 games crossfire not Works, only work master core of the R9 295x2, Directx 11 games Works perfectly. I dont know how to express correctly, but in this forum the problem is debated:


      Time Spy and Crossfire - Guru3D.com Forums


      Hope yours understand me. Thanks.

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          Under Windows 10 and DX12, Multi GPU support is handled by the OS not the driver.

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            You need a game that support tri-Multi GPU. It's just Multi Gpu but tri-Multi Gpu for your understanding.


            What games have you tried?

            Have you had communications with the developers of the games?

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              Hi all. My games are:


              - 3Dmark time spy - 295x2 + 290x = Only work master core of 295x2 ------------- 295x2 only (290x disable) = 295X2 Works fine 2 cores

              - Rise of Tomb Raider - Same like Time Spy

              - Deux ex Makind Divided - 295x2 + 290x = Only work master core of 295x2 --------------- 295x2 only (290x disable) = Game dont start :S

              - Battlefield 1 - 295x2 + 290x = Only work master core of 295x2 --------- 295x2 only (290x disable) = Only work master core of 295x2


              Hope understand me. Directx 11 versión of this games Works fine all cores (Tri-crossfire).

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                  As already mentioned, DX12 Multi GPU support is an OS issue not a driver issue. There is no troubleshooting that can be done do support a feature the OS does not.

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                      Hi and thanks for reply. But for example Tri-crossfire WITH IDENTICAL CARDS Works perfectly. Look at this video:


                      Rise Of The Tomb Raider - DX12 - AMD R9 290 3-way Crossfire - ... - YouTube


                      That guy use 3 R9 290 (Three physical cards), in video descripción say this:


                      Spero che questo video arrivi tempestivo dato che la patch di Rise of The Tomb Raider che supporta DirectX12 e multi-GPU e' uscita solo qualche giorno fa.

                      Finalmente possiamo vedere queste DX12 all'opera! Per tutto questo tempo ci siamo chiesti come sarebbero andate, se i giochi avrebbero supportato il multiGPU oppure no (e se AMD avrebbe avuto davvero qualche vantaggio). Ovviamente manca il framerate on-screen ma i grafici in Afterburner parlano chiaro: 60FPS bloccati e tutte e 3 le GPU stanno lavorando... A giocarci mi e' cascata la mascella, spero che il video renda ma da vicino vi assicuro c'era da piangere per la commozione... non sembravano neppure 1080p...

                      Eravamo spaventati dal fatto che con le DX12 il multiGPU adesso e' a carico degli sviluppatori.. (ma perche' poi prima no?) e adesso il primo gioco che le implementa fa questo miracolo... (ma non temete... adesso arrivera' Ubisoft e capovolgera' tutto)


                      Adesso una sommetta possiamo tirarla...


                      Is not a Tri-crossfire problem from SO, is a tri-crossfire problem from driver (I think). The problem seems that it is of tri-crossfire with different cards/Adapters :S.Look at this results in 3Dmark Time Spy with 4 290x (four physical cards), Works perfectly all cores:




                      A guy from Guru3d say this:


                      me, I have done it multiple times. I created this thread 7 months ago, I have
                      reported this issue to AMD at least three times since then, they simple don't
                      care. They could easily just say Linked-node mode is only for 100% identical
                      GPUs and the fact that they do support CF for non-symmetric setups in DX11 is
                      just a courtesy from AMD which is not going to be repeated for DX12. Even if I
                      was in their management team, I would probably not spend any manpower fixing
                      such an issue that affects such a small minority of users.


                      Guru3D.com Forums - View Single Post - Time Spy and Crossfire


                      Hope undestand me again, my language is not good. Thanks

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                    OK AMD sold this hybrid crossfire saying it would enable us to mix GPU's yet with the arrival of DX12 there is NO support for "hybrid crossfire" systems in DX12.


                    WHY NOT?


                    This sounds like mis-selling to me as many like the OP and myself bought extra GPU's and now we are denied the use of them, FOR GOD'S SAKE AMD sort this mess out you COULD have keps crossfire in your hands but instead handed it out to OS and Games producers who have NO INTENTION of implementing it...



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