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setting up 3 different resolution monitors

Question asked by glen_s on Feb 28, 2017

I bought a new PC about 10 months ago, primarily for the purposes of video editing. It has an AMD 8GB RX480 card in it, and at the time of purchase I just had it set up with one older LG 24" monitor. Then I took a contract job that required me to find rental accommodation, so I moved the PC down with me and I found myself with a lot more desktop real estate. I decided to add a 2nd monitor and picked up a Samsung 28" 4K monitor so I could preview and watch rendered 4K videos on it.  Then I decided to upgrade my old 27" TV and bought a 48" 4K Toshiba TV - and since it is right beside my desk and I still had two video outputs left on the card and a free input on the TV, I hooked it up as a 3rd monitor.  They are all set up as extensions to the desktop.


I played with the settings and I have the monitors setup so they are all easily readable, but I noticed on the 28" 4K monitor when I bring up a windows explorer dialog from within Chrome or FF, the type is so tiny I can barely read it, so I have to drag it over to the 24" monitor to read it. There was also an issue with the 24" monitor showing desktop icons way too large after the computer had been running for awhile (they were fine right after startup) but turning off virtual super resolution for that monitor it seems to have stopped. I had VSR turned on also for the 28" and 48" screens, but turned it off for those monitors too.


I seem to have reached a good balance between the monitors, except for the extremely small type in an explorer box (called from another app) that I get in the 28" 4K monitor. I've never used a multi monitor setup before where the monitors weren't identical - so any suggestions would be appreciated.


thanks in advance.