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New PC, 6 core processor and 8GB AMD rx480, still getting video playback lag

Question asked by glen_s on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by glen_s

I do a lot of video editing, and with 4K video making up a lot of my content now I decided to get a new workstation as my 2009 Dell was struggling bad enough with 60fps 1080p video and I didn't think it was worth it to try and upgrade it to handle 4K content.


I ended up buying this model for a new PC, which has an AMD rx480 8GB graphics card - I thought this unit would have horsepower to spare when it comes to playing 4K video etc.,  I also bought at the same time a Samsung 500GB SSD and moved the OS over to it before I installed any programs.


Trouble is it isn't handling video a whole lot better than my old Dell. Yes it's better, but not by the magnitude I expected, especially with a 6 core processor, 16GB ram and 8GB video card, and an SSD for the OS.


I am rendering 4K videos with Davinci Resolve, and it's still stuttering badly when I try to playback some rendered files. It doesn't seem to matter if I use VLC, WMP, Windows 10 "film & tv" player or quicktime. Video will just stop, while the slider keeps moving, then after a couple of seconds start playing again. I notice the CPU is barely working while this is happening, and given that video playback is (supposed to be) CPU intensive I'm wondering why this is.


In fact I just colour graded some 1080 60fps video and with some short 30 second clips I am even getting bad hangs & judder in the playback.


I've already implemented a lot of the "tweaks" like turning off a lot of the windows 10 stuff and creating a single swap file etc.


Given the huge jump in processing power and graphics card capability this new computer has over my old one - why can't I playback ALL video smoothly - and what can I do about it?


Are there tweaks to the GPU I can make that might help?


thanks in advance!