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    Half height video boards complying PCI Express 2.0 x8?


      Hi all,

      I'm a new subscriber, though I use ATI & AMD products since more than 20 years ago...

      I need some help in finding a suitable video board to install on a 3U blade server that I would use

      as a workstation. Its mainboard is a SuperMicro H7DBE with 2 quad core processors and 16 GB RAM.

      This MB has 2 PCI express 2.0 x8 ( ~ 53 mm long) slots suitable for a half height video board to boost

      the video performance of the embedded video controller.

      I'm looking for a 2GB RAM mid-level video controller, no problem if released last year or so.

      I have found some controllers from NVIDIA, but, despite my patience, I wasn't able to find one from AMD/ATI,

      that has been my always preferred choice.

      Can you please help me, addressing a suitable one?

      Best regards