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    RX 470 4GB + FX-8320 + Windows 10 x64 - GPU usage low \ FPS low


      Describe your system:

      • XFX RX 470 4 GB
      • Desktop, ASUS SABERTOOTH R2 motherboard, 2x8 GB ram 1600 MHz (dual channel)
      • Windows 10 x64 PRO, all updates installed. Drivers 16.9.2

        • Display Devices
          • 3X Dell U2311H, connected via DP 1.2
        • Motherboard
        • CPU/APU
          • FX-8320
        • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
          • CoolerMaster 1200 W
        • RAM
          • 2x8 Gskill 1600 mhz

        Issues i`ve met:

        1. Radeon Software Crimson finds new driver, 17.x.x (several of them already was in that list). If i update it via interfeace of Crimson firstly, at some point of installation process, my image on monitor goes crazy - wrong colors, wrong resolution or black screen`s all over. Tried about 6 times.

        If i use DDU | AMD removal software (in Safe Mode as described), and install same 17.xx version of drivers from off.site - same issues with image.
        I`ve waited for about 40 minutes to let the install process finish. I can`t say 100% it finished as my image corrupted, but after that i peform a shutdown (with a power button but not force - single-press calls shitdown event) and turn on my PC, image looks OK BUT i have no Crimson software and can`t seems to install it "separately". Also, as my image was corrupted during isntallation process i`m quite not sure it`s OK to use this drivers, 17.2.xx \ 17.1.xx.
        What should i do with bug`s with 17.xx drivers in general? Again, i`ve tryed the DDU \ AMD removal tool in Safe Mode several times, with reboot on each corresponding step.


        2. Strangely, low GPU usage AND game performance with drivers 16.xx, examples:
        Witcher 3, Ultra (excluding some Ngreedia-related hairworks stuff, and PhysX library removed from a game folder) - all perfect. Mostly 60 FPS, GPU usage is mostly near the 100%, CPU usage above 70%, OK performance.
        Even with Eyefinity with 3x 1920*1080 monitors on High preferences, performance is OK. Which wonders me as it`s an Ngreedia title, etc.
        Bad performance with:


        Far Cry 3
        Far Cry 4
        Far Cry Primal
        All of 3 above - same symptoms. Either with DirectX 9 or 10\11+, does not resolution-dependant, different settings of graphics - not related. FPS is jumps all over between 1 and 60 (if Vsync is ON or 120+ if no Vsinc), GPU usage mostly jumps between 10 and 40%. CPU is not above 60% in all cases.
        I`ve spent like 30 hours experimenting with game settings. Even with ultra-low for everything AND modifications to game graphics preferences file to access some engine`s stuff that not accessible via game UI, i STILL have an average FPS around 20-25 and low GPU usage. Most stunning stuff is if i have a dynamic action, a lot of explosions, moving objects etc - GPU usage rises and i have 60 FPS. But the jumps between is bugging me off.


        Saints Row the Third is a bit different. Most symptoms are the same, except - with DirectX 9 FPS is under 20 all the times, does not matter if preferences are ULTRA or OFF\LOW.
        With DirectX 10\11 - HUGE performance changes, like, 160+ FPS in the building, and 20-40 FPS at street. Barely depends of preferences, GPU and CPU usage is again, pretty low.


        I`ve used Crimson to up the Power LImit to 10 and then 20% (in GLOBAL section) - looks like it helped with Saints Row but not with any of Far Cry`s

        Energy efficiency does nothing as i can see for this case.
        To test the source of this problems i even dropped of my O.C. on CPU\RAM, running STOCK values on everything.
        WIndows Power Efficiency - tested all economic, High performance and balanced. 
        PSU is OK 100%, two weeks ago it served TWO GTX 660 TI PE WITH O.C. in SLI mode without any problems. I`ve changed cable between PSU and Graphic Card as i had a possibility (module build PSU) and the port on the PSU so it`s not power supply issue on this end.
        This is not CPU bottleneck issue either as i have a pretty amazing performance on several game that no one will ever call "resource merciful".

        Problem is not related to the Physical Resources as well, because iv`e checked, configured and changed several times the I.R.Q. tables, Input\Output bus, used another PCI-E port, etc.
        Obviously there is no overheat in any thing, GPU on Witcher is around 68 C.
        I am 95% sure that this issue is related with:
        OS tuning (?)

        My wrong-assigned-hands although i`m an IT guy with some experience.

        I did not checked yet: use another Win 10; use another Win version; Moon phase; Greek Gods will;
        As you might probably see, i`m kind of desperate here in search of get my performance out of this hardware, especially that usually i do understand how it works and why not, but not this time.
        What should i check? Any registry stuff? Some special driver version?