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    AMD 4386


      I have two of these processors than I am planning to install on the ASUS KCMA D8 motherboard. The board has four slots of RAM (I'm planning 8GB per slot) for each of the two processors. Is this configuration appropriate for the CPUs? I am not clear whether this is the best configuration. Would it be better to reduce the number of RAM slots in use?



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          All of the information you are asking for is available on the ASUS motherboard website.

          You can view and download a copy of the motherboard manual, the CPU compatibility list and the memory compatibility list.

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              Thanks for the reply. I know Asus has a compatibility list as does AMD (e.g., on types of brands and sizes of memory) which I have referred to.

              My plan is to use Samsung M393B1K70DH0-CH9 (as tested by AMD). Eight of these sticks give 64Gb RAM. 8Gb (x8) of ECC DDR3-1333 also fits with Asus capabilities.

              What I don't understand (basic knowledge?) is whether the processor can access and use 4 sticks of memory effectively? So my question is about how the RAM is used rather than specifications. Am I, for example, effectively limited to using two of the slots (is this something to do with channels?)? 

              I am most likely missing something in their technical documentation (or basic knowledge). Thanks for the patience.



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                  This is kind of disappointing not to have some kind of response. Perhaps the wrong forum?

                  I think it is the board spec that dominates in terms of handling the (compatible) RAM. So I am assuming I follow the ASUS guidelines on size and numbers.