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Disable GPU downclocking in a GPGPU application?

Question asked by wdx04b on Feb 27, 2017


I'm developing a GPGPU application that run a GPU algorithm at a fixed interval. The algorithm takes about 100ms on a R9 285 card and the interval is about 1 second.

When monitoring the GPU performance using GPU-z, I found the GPU is actually running at a very low clock rate - about 300MHz-350MHz.

It's probably because the driver is aggressively downclocking the GPU, since the ratio of "busy time" VS "idle time" is low.

When I use an NVIDIA GPU, I can prevent such downclocking by setting the power management mode to Max Performace for my application, but I can't find an equivalent option in the AMD Settings application. Is it possible to archive the similar behavior with an AMD GPU?