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Radeon Crimson relive Windows 10 x64 cause jamming of the game, the computer

Question asked by zerr10 on Feb 27, 2017

Radeon Crimson relive Windows 10 x64 cause jamming of the game.


PC i7 6700 Sklake 4x3.4Ghz RAM 8GB of 2133Mhz Dual Card DDR4: RX 460 4GB Sapphire. Windows 10 x64



Game Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure has a problem with, playback Film is a black image and only the sound ... I tried to run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 but drivers cause application crashes ....


game works only in Windows 10 but has a black image in the movies, and the only sound ..

when I change the mode to Windows 7 earlier on the game mode to work properly but now on the rx 460 causes a failure of the computer


I suspect that is 100% of the drivers because when I deleted my totally drivers relive radeon game he started work under Windows 7 with movies and sounds but is running slow because the card integrated INTEL


a little strange these drivers never even computer does not jammed as it changed the compatibility mode of the operating system ... please fix this problem as it exists in this game it can still others will also be giving you a reason to worry ...


even at the beginning I thought it was because the processor sklake no longer supports Windows 7 but it did not processor


please fix drivers to movies work properly in the game.




I still have a question maybe someone knows how to change the graphics in The Amazing Spider-Man!

because normally the application still has crashes .... You can not change the graphics but the game can run ... how to change the graphics file named ASMLauncher has crashes

in the game options no change graphics


is there any way to run a file ASMLauncher? I might add that before the game to work properly but WINDOWS 7 and on Win 10 such problems ...


vertical sync is also broken, it does not always work, before it was better ...