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    Corrupted fonts


      After installing 17.2.1 driver the fonts on my desktop are fuzzy looking now.  Looks like a printer running out of ink text.   Not all font places have the issue, mostly pop up windows and dialog boxes and the windows banner texts everyplace those are.  The fonts are not SOLID they look like they were partially printed with a printer running low on ink.  Instead of universal solid plain black text, its grayed in portions of each letter missing some of the fill to make it look like a solid black normal text.


      Using Sapphire RX480 8gb card.   2 monitors in extended display set up, 1 is a 27" hans-g 1900x1200 monitor, the other is a 28" Upstar -4k monitor.


      The  27" 1980x1200 monitor has no font issues, when i swap screen with apps on the 28" 4k monitor (main use ) is where the font corruption occurs.  Its not computer issue since the 27" monitor looks fine, only the 4k screen shows the bad fonts. When i move apps between the screens on the extended desktop setting, the fonts change their looks corrupted partially grey not solid black looking fonts.


      It only happens on the 4k, not the other, so its not a system issue since the non 4k works fine and looks fine, and the video card not issue since again the main difference is the font scaling going to 4k with these new drivers is bad.  Since the older 16.xxx drivers dont suffer this issue its not the 4k monitor or computer issue either.


      Can you let me know of a fix for 4k font scaling to work correctly with these new drivers ??