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Overdrive operation / BIOS settings

Question asked by dragonfly52277 on Feb 26, 2017

Hi; I am using AMD Overdrive to overclock my processor.  I have several questions.


1)  Does the boost operated by clicking on the circle (which is on the top right area of the screen) control the turbo core control?

2)  Does Away mode being on keep my build from its optimum overclock?

3)  Anybody know why Overdrive will not allow me to overclock past a certain point?  I have an AMD FX-6300 3.5Ghz CPU and Overdrive will only allow me to overclock to multiplier 20X @ 1.4V to make it an even 4 Ghz.  When I raise the voltage to 1.4125V and raise the multiplier, I hit the "Apply" button and it reverts to 3Ghz, which as u can see is 500 Mhz lower than its stock speed.  My mobo does have a setting that prevents voltages from being too high, depending on the temperature of the processor as well, but I disabled that setting and it doesn't seem to work.


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