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Lots of issues since driver updates

Question asked by tonyfox on Feb 27, 2017

Hello, My graphics card was running fine until an AMD driver update appeared (17.2.1), which I installed. Ever since, I have been getting strange issues seemingly randomly, such as:

Blue screens:




Sometimes, when putting my PC to sleep and trying to wake it up, it just restarts as if I had shut it down

Sometimes, it turns on without the graphics driver (very low resolution, when I try to click on AMD Radeon settings it says the driver isn't detected or something like that)

Other misc issues that seem to be driver related



Things I have tried:

Clean uninstall and clean install driver using AMD's setup

Uninstall driver with DDU, install previous driver cleanly

Uninstall driver with DDU, install current driver cleanly

sfc scannow in cmd (no errors)

chkdsk /f two times



I have no CPU overclock, my RAM XMP2 profile is off, I have not overclocked/overvolted/underclocked/undervolted the graphics card, all settings are default, all drivers (chipset etc) are up to date, my BIOS is up to date, all issues happened after the driver update. Gaming is mostly fine, most errors appear when browsing the internet with Chrome.



Thanks in advance for your response.