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Any idea on why I'm getting 50 to 150KB/s download on Driver 17.2.1 on a 100Mbps fiber connection?

Question asked by jamest1111 on Feb 26, 2017

Edit: I tried downloading the 17.2.1 recommended update manually after AMD Settings failed to recognise the hardware after an automatic install.

Edit: I'm now assuming that the slow download might be due to issues with the update.


I've stuck with AMD for years.


But recently, I had the privilege to get a full 100Mbps fibre connection.


I get 96Mbps actual connection speed with peak download of around 12 MB/s


It's bad enough that the AMD driver package has blown out to nearly 500MB but, why is it drip feeding so slowly?


Windows 10 64bit

XFX R9 295x2



I've tried:


  • Rebooting my router
  • Isolating the ethernet connection from the modem
  • Checking my firewall and antivirus settings
  • Rebooting windows


And I cannot get over 110KB/s average speed.


It's like a 2 hour download...??


I put up with that for decades on a 500KB/s ADSL2 connection, and just had to wear it.


But why, with a 100Mbps fiber/ethernet wired connection, am I getting such a horrendous drip feed of drivers?