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HDMI Scaling on TV Causing Monitor to Flicker?

Question asked by ahamsterpig on Feb 27, 2017

So I recently got my new Sapphire Nitro+ Rx480 and after installing and updating my drivers, my monitor (Main display) started flickering. I figured it was driver conflicts of some sort so I uninstalled my current drivers, ran Display Driver Uninstaller in Safe Mode, and redownloaded AMD Software. At first everything seemed fine until I changed my HDMI scaling for my TV (secondary display). It seems the higher the HDMI scaling percentage, the worse the flickering would be. At 0% there's no flickering, but it completely blocks my Windows Taskbar. If I want to just live with it, I can unplug and plug in my DVI from my monitor and it seems to stop it until the screen goes to sleep or until I close a video game in which the flickering will return. Any ideas would be tremendously appreciated!