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My FX9590 is overheating

Question asked by psychobouncer2 on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by klip1

Compared to what you guys say it is supposed to be at max. I have a Cooler Master Nepton 140 water cooler and it kept my previous FX processor at 40C max. This is reaching max temps of 78C. At complete Idle, it runs at 10-25C. This is amazing. Under load however, it runs WAY TOO HOT and it scares me. I have a Full Cooler Master Storm Trooper case. 16GB1866 Corsair Dominator Ram, GTX 970 (4GB). What can you do about this? I would almost rather get a FX8350 or something. This is ridiculous. I have always been a huge fan of AMD and I have ALWAYS used your processors. My only problem is that this is running almost 20C hotter than it says on the site. Even with a water cooler that I know works well. I am just worried.