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Driver Update killed my Radeon HD 7850

Question asked by emperordaishi on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2017 by kingfish

I have a non working Diamond AMD Radeon HD 7850 card due to the latest driver update.  Installed driver yesterday, and after playing Payday2 for ~10 minutes monitor 1 goes black and monitor 2 is random color blocks.  Upon reboot my PC boots to windows 7 logo, then goes black (no windows login sound).  I have tried scrubbing AMD drivers and installing new ones, old ones, windows restore before driver update, etc.  Updated BIOS and still have this issue.  Card will work in Generic VGA adapter mode, but one I install any driver it will not boot.


CPU: Intel i7-3930K

MB: ASUS Sabertooth x79

OS: Windows 7 64bit Pro


I have read on forums that there is a potential issue with this latest driver where it will throttle the fan speed at 20%, and will allow the GPU to overhead potentially frying the card.  How do I determine if my card is fried?  How do I go about fixing this issue?!