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Lastest driver 17.2.1 breaks ASUS cool fan technology

Question asked by ssawgift on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by ssawgift

My video card is a STRIX-R9 390 from ASUS.


I once installed driver version 17.2 beta and found the cool fan stops working and in gaming GPU temperature rockets to 90 degrees and I got a warning that GPU temperature is too high and I had to shut down my computer and later uninstalled this beta version. At that time I thought it might be a problem of beta software (it happens); and it's just after Xmas and New Year and lunar New Year holidays, I can't put too much pressure on the developers.


When the WHQL 17.2.1 came out, I happily installed it. But the problem is still there. I had to turn off this cool feature. But I hope this could be brought back.


BTW, if I did not make the problem clear about 'cool fan', ASUS GPU Tweak terms it as '0dB Fan'.