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    high fps but my game still lagging  R6s


      i have a xfx r9 380 when im playing rainbow six the game looks laggy but im getting 80 fps+  the lag reduce when i activate v-sync but it still unconfortable to play and the fps reduce to 50-60 my monitor is 1080p 59.94hz


      Lag - YouTube here a video of how it looks recorded from my phone

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          Hello, you need to give your Pc specs as stated in the forum rules.


          By looking at your vídeo it seems that you hve input lag rather than na GPU frametime problem. What i mean is that for me your input controlls are arriving with high latency to your game server.

          Are you using Wireless connection? You should confirm correct network ping and set your PC power settings to performance.


          I can propose you to check ingame:

          Read your ingame FRAMETIME (lwith software like MSI afterburner). For better experience should be <16.6ms and without spikes.



          •press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open the task-manager, then open the Performance Tab and click the Resource Monitor-button

          •In the Resource Monitor, open the Network-tab,

          •Click TCP Connections below, and read the number written under Latency (ms)+ Packet Loss (%) for your game