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     So as some of you may noticed I was having a fun time looking for water blocks that I liked for my Crosshair VI Hero motherboard with AM4 adapters, would work with my custom build and could have here in time when pre-orders shipped. After I ordered one directly from the EK website with rush shipping and still questionable if it would get here on time Asus put this on Twitter

am3 am4.jpg

The damn thing has both AM3 and AM4 mounting holes. At the time of ordering, this info was not on Amazon or Newegg sales page or on the Asus web page but luckily I got this info before the item shipped so I was able to send EK a email requesting a cancellation as I was able to get the EK Supremacy EVO on Amazon and Newegg and have it here well before the CPU showed up and not have to spend $30 plus on shipping which also meant I was able to upgrade from the MX to the EVO. Any way wanted to share this to let people know if they want this board you have a few more options now.