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    Intel Kaby Lake and Skylake Processors Get Massive Price Cuts By Retailers Prior To AMD Ryzen Launch


      Core i7 7700K For $299, Core i5 7600K For $199, Core i5 6600K For $179


      Intel’s enthusiast, mainstream and budget tier processors have received massive price cuts by a certain list of retailers. The price cuts come just a few days after AMD announced their new Ryzen processors that feature highly competitive pricing and great performance numbers.

      Over at Microcenter, we can see a large array of Intel processors that have undergone insane price cuts. We are looking at processors from the Kaby Lake, Skylake and even Haswell generations that are going at discounts of up to $300 US. Following is a list of all the processors that have seen price cuts at the retail site:



      Intel Begins Price War With AMD Ryzen - Massive Price Cuts on Intel Chips By Retailers