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Why does my AMD Opteron 6272 say its a 8 core in windows, but on BIOS boot screen says its a 16 core. ???

Question asked by joshuamoore386 on Feb 26, 2017
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I have two Dell R815's running quad socket G32 with 4xAMD Opteron 6272 16 Cores processors. At boot up the server flashes on the screen its a 16 CORE processor, but in windows server 2012, it says it only has 8 CORES. I checked BIOS and made sure it said to use ALL CPU's. Still says its 8 CORE. But it says it has 16 THREADS. Shouldn't it says 16 CORES and 32 THREADS? SO the total should say 64 Cores, and 128 Threads, in stead of what its saying now, 32 Cores and 64 Threads.