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    Relive 17.2.1 Will not install on Windows 10 Pro?



      I have two PC's:

      1)  Windows 10 Pro, Core i7-2600K, 16GB, Saphire Nitro+ RX-380 8GB

      2) Windows 10 Home, Core i7-4790K, 16GB, Saphire R9-280X TriCool


      I attempted to upgrade both.  The steps are the same with the same initial results, but the Windows 10 Pro box simply will not work afterwards- says no drivers are installed and the Device Manager lists the drivers as not being digitally installed.


      In both cases, when you run the installation wizard, it warns the drivers are not digitally signed and you must click the "Install" button (with the "Always ..." check box checked), but on the Windows 10 Pro box, it simply will not use the unsigned drivers.


      Is this a Windows 10 Pro issue?  My Windows 10 Home box with the R9-280X works fine despite the 17.2.1 drivers not being digitally signed.  Perhaps this is why we're seeing some people with installation problems here?  Perhaps it's just Pro requires signed drivers..


      Any word on how to fix this or if there is a work-around?  Otherwise, I'll just hope AMD fixes these as they're supposed to be WHQL certified but not somehow not signed.