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17.2.1 not working correctly with AMD Radeon R7 + R7 200 Dual Graphics?

Question asked by snowy on Feb 25, 2017

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I seem to be having this issue with the latest Radeon ReLive graphics driver. For some reason when I upgrade to it, which was from 17.1.2 (which was working completely fine by the way), and attempt to open Radeon Settings, it states that "No AMD graphics driver is installed or the AMD driver is not functioning properly". It also seems to decrease the system performance which causes all motions (e.g. opening the full screen start menu where all tiles fade in) to jitter, tearing to occur when moving windows from one point of the screen to another, etc.


I have tried using both the express upgrade through Radeon Settings (with 17.1.2 installed) and manually downloading and installing it from the AMD website with no success.


I have even gone through this article > How-To Install AMD Radeon Software on a Windows Based System which was also with no success.


Here are my system specs as well:-


Graphics - AMD Radeon R7 + R7200 Dual Graphics Card

Desktop Model - Lenovo H50 Desktop PC

OS - Windows 10 x 64bit (Anniversary Edition)

Driver Version Currently Installed - Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.6 (Installed by itself when I rebooted the system after uninstalling 17.2.1)

Display Device - Samsung C27F591 Full HD 27" Curved Monitor

Motherboard - Lenovo Motherboard (Unsure of Model)

APU - AMD A10-7800

Power Supply - Unknown

RAM - 12GB


I have given as much information as I possibly could to the best of my abilities at this time.


Please help me out on this one.


Thank you so much in advance everyone!