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Will you please be considerate to Gamers with Low-End-Budget, regarding AMD Ryzen

Question asked by rhievqy on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2017 by rhievqy

I've been using AMD for quite a long time.. From VGA to Processor.. I like it because of it's performance per price.. Much Better than the competitor..

Since New Year, I've been waiting for the release of AMD processor that support DDR4, then I found news about Ryzen..


Unfortunately, Ryzen only comes with Octa-Core Processor with 16 Threads, which is Great, But not quite affordable for me..

So far, I'm using AMD processor and VGA on the low budget, so I'm hoping there will be a CPU from AMD that supports DDR4 on the low budget..

So, Please..

Please be considerate..

I don't like the competitor's CPU, I want AMD..

Quad-Core version of Ryzen would be great..

Thanks for reading.. 'Cause not Every Gamer are Rich..