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17.2.1 driver bug and r9 390 no hardware detected

Question asked by nister5 on Feb 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by waitingmoon

I reformatted my computer because I'm giving it away to my brother, so after downloading all other drivers I come across this driver error.


When trying to download the latest AMD Radeon Software 17.2.1, I get the no hardware detected error. It doesn't detect the graphics card and makes my windows not detect my monitor which is 144hz as well.


If I uninstall the driver it works fine with the rolled back stock driver it comes with (Radeon software 16.6) with absolute no issues.


This is an serious bug on AMD's end... What driver software is best to download before giving away to my brother? Or is that not even possible, I don't think I see a choice to download drivers, only the latest one from AMD.

PC Specs:



intel i5 6600k

Asus z170 Pro Gaming

AMD r9 390