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    17.2.1 driver bug and r9 390 no hardware detected


      I reformatted my computer because I'm giving it away to my brother, so after downloading all other drivers I come across this driver error.


      When trying to download the latest AMD Radeon Software 17.2.1, I get the no hardware detected error. It doesn't detect the graphics card and makes my windows not detect my monitor which is 144hz as well.


      If I uninstall the driver it works fine with the rolled back stock driver it comes with (Radeon software 16.6) with absolute no issues.


      This is an serious bug on AMD's end... What driver software is best to download before giving away to my brother? Or is that not even possible, I don't think I see a choice to download drivers, only the latest one from AMD.

      PC Specs:



      intel i5 6600k

      Asus z170 Pro Gaming

      AMD r9 390

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          I have a problem with 17.2.1 too. Installation proceeds OK but after a reboot I get this



          I've tried the update from within the Radeon software.

          Then I downloaded from AMD.com and did a clean install. It doesn't seem to work.

          I have a Asus R9 390x.

          17.1.2 works fine so I'm rolling back to that. It's just 17.2.1 that has the problem.

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            I have a somewhat similar problem, when i updated my drivers my 2nd monitor either reflected (reflected as in doing the exact same thing) my 1st one treating it as one unit, or didn't detect it at all. What works for me is just uninstalling the new drivers, which works until i restart and then i have to repeat the process again.



            I now get a different error when trying to download the new drivers, and at this point it won't let me download the new ones at all, even though i deleted them and it's the correct version. (error 175)


            Sapphire R9 390
            Intel i7 4790k
            16GB 2133Mhz ram
            Corsair RM750 750W PSU
            Asus ROG Hero VII

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              I'm using sapphire nitro r9 390x, got same problem after installed Windows 10. but no problem with 17.2.1 (not WHQL). 17.2.1 WHQL is buggy.