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    Which X370 motherboard are you choosing and why?


      I am a Network Administrator / IT Administrator, and finally got tired of piecing together my own junk PC's at home to use, or using my beastly workstation work laptop for personal use. I also want to start a youtube channel for gaming, as well as guitar covers, so I decided it was finally time to build a new PC after many, many years. I haven't kept up with much on the PC hardware side in the past few years, and I spent all my focus on Cisco and networking. After doing some research on Intel i7's for my build, I came across Ryzen. Talk about perfect timing. How can I not fall in love with this?


      After hearing about all the rumored specs, I started ordering basic parts. I got a DIYPC case, EVGA P2 850W power supply, Noctua NH-D15 fan cooler, and G.Skills TridentZ RBG Ram ordered. After learning A LOT of new tech's, and catching myself up to date, I decided I will get the Ryzen 1800x (for the shear fact of gaming, youtubing, streaming, video and audio editing), a 1TB M2 card for the OS and programs, and a 5TB HDD for file storage. I am also going to wait on Vega before I buy a high-end video card. But what I cannot decide on is the motherboard. This is the biggest thing that I had to catch up on, as I have mostly only dealt with OEM boards like Dell or HP. I have put in several hours of research on the companies, tech on the boards, etc. So far, I think I have narrowed it down to the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero, ASRock Taichi, or the ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Pro board.


      I am interested in hearing which board you are choosing, and why. Also, with the details I have provided, which board would you recommend for me? At first glance, I have been thinking the ASRock Fatal1ty, but see more and more people say they are getting the Crosshair VI or the Taichi.


      Also I should note, I'm not going to be doing any major OC'ing, but may tinker with it.


      Thank you all!

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          Hello, and congratulations on your purchase!


          I personally went with the MSI 370X Xpower model.  I chose this primarily because it has two NVMe capable M.2 ports as well as the U.2 port for future storage options.  I like the security of buying a NVMe SSD now, but in the future if I get a larger drive I can still use the original drive as a secondary.  The XPower also features 8+4 power pins on the CPU for overclocking (Only the ASUS Crosshair shares this) and also a 6 pin power connector for stabilizing GPU overclocks.  The build quality is top notch, everything an overclocker needs.


          For you, since you aren't going to be messing around with overclocking, the ASUS Crosshair loses some appeal.  The 8+4 CPU power pins probably won't matter since you won't be trying to squeeze out that last 100MHz.  The memory you selected does support the ASUS aura color control built into the Crosshair VI. So there is some synergy there with the memory you selected.  Additionally, you need to look at the specific memory you ordered.


          The ASUS Crosshair supports up to 3200 MHz DDR.

          ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO | Motherboards | ASUS USA


          While both AsRock boards list a maximum of 2667 MHz for the RAM dim speed.

          ASRock > X370 Taichi


          If you ordered 3200 MHz RAM modules, they may not be supported by the AsRock boards.


          However if you are confident your RAM will work in all the boards listed, I would select the AsRock Taichi.  The Fatal1ty and Crosshair are more expensive primarily due to higher build quality.  This helps them maintain stability longer when overclocking, but again that is a moot point for you.  You give up things like the aura color synergy and the gaming LAN port, but if those things aren't mission critical go with the Taichi.  Actually, the ASUS competitor to the Taichi, the "Prime X370 Pro" might be worth a look.

          PRIME X370-PRO | Motherboards | ASUS USA


          As an aside, I noticed that you selected the Noctua NH-D15 as your cooler.  The RAM you selected is too tall to run the NH-D15 in two fan mode.  You can compensate for that by shifting the second fan up to accommodate the memory, but the cooler then becomes taller.  Make sure your case has clearance for that.  Also, make sure to select the NH-D15 AM4 SE.  The regular version doesn't include AM4 mounting hardware.

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              Thank you for your input!


              I wish I had known about the fan of the Noctua having to be raised a few mm to fit the RAM I had ordered before I had bought a DIYPC case with 170mm clearance for the CPU fan, but I learned that out a few days after it arrive. I was able to return it as I didn't even open the packaging. I believe I am going to go with the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, which has 193mm clearance.


              The RAM I got was 32GB 3600 RAM. I will probably have to go into the BIOS and underclock it and tighten the timings, but don't think I'll have an issue with that. Supposedly BIOS updates will/have been coming out to increase RAM performance already.


              As for OCing, I may not do it at first past the XFR, but I may after reviews, tutorials, and benchmarks.


              As for the difference between the Taichi and the Fatal1ty, I compared them on ASRock's website http://www.asrock.com/mb/compare.us.asp?Models=X370%20Taichi,Fatal1ty%20X370%20Professional%20Gaming


              So far I spot the following differences:

              1. Fatal1ty has ASRock Ultra USB Power
              2. Fatal1ty has 2 LAN ports instead of the 1 of the Taichi. The 2nd is a 5 Gigabit LAN port
              3. The Sound Card is different on the boards. Fatal1ty has Sound Blaster Cinema 3
              4. Fatal1ty has a COM port header,  TDM header, Power LED and speaker header
              5. Fatal1ty has Power Switch and Reset Switch with LED


              I don't know if those features are worth the extra $50 for the Fatal1ty. I guess I'll wait on reviews.


              There is one part I am confused on. I want to run an M2 card for the OS and some software programs. I don't know much about it, other than it is fast.


              Both the Fatal1ty and Taichi have 2x M2 slots. It also has an asterisk on 2x PCI Express 3.0 x16 Slots (PCIE2 x16 mode: PCIE3: x mode)* that reads supports NVMe SSD as boot disks. Is this talking about an expansion slot M2 as a boot? Can I use and NVMe on the onboard M2 slot for the OS? 

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                  The M.2 slots on the board will support NVMe solid state (such as samsung 960) drives for booting.  One of the ports supports the full 4x PCIE lanes  (32 gb/s), the other only 6 gb/s.  In order for the NVMe drive to run it's fastest, make sure to use the full speed port.


                  As far as the RAM goes, the big thing to look out for is the voltage.  The documentation indicates RAM shouldn't be run above 1.35V to protect the processor with Ryzen.  RAM running above 3200 MHZ tends to be 1.5 or 1.65 volts.  If you're going to underclock make sure your voltage to 1.35, at least until we have more data on how they hold up at 1.5.

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                      Thanks for the info. I did read up more on M.2's. From what I understand, the M.2 is faster than SSD for a boot drive at PCIe 3.0 x4, but a few seconds faster boot and game loads isn't worth the price IMO. Where I will see the most benefit with M.2 is as a media drive for redenering videos. I think that is the route I will take in the future.


                      And according to newegg with the RAM I bought, it is rated for 1.35V for 3600. I think I'm safe, but will make sure to set speeds and volts in BIOS.

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                  I am waiting for ITX MB personally. If that falls through I might get ASUS VI Hero because AM3 support to still use my Water Block.

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                    Hi. I purchased the Asus Crosshair 6 for the rock solid stability I've experienced with Asus boards in the past. With a new CPU on the horizon I wanted to ensure I'd have a good transition using a board thats top tier. I usually dont upgrade boards so I wanted something that will be future proof for me. Also the ASrock board derrickgott007 suggested was releasing on 7MAR instead of 2MAR. So, Asus wasn't my first choice but I wanted to make sure if I was changing my order I got something that was going to be beastly.

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                      I got the ASUS Prime Pro, since my friend tells me that it's better than the crap MSI lol (his word on it).

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                        ECC is disabled by the mobo for some reason. When a new bios comes it should enable that and provide some performance gains.