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I need your help with AM4 Ram and Water Blocks

Question asked by thefuzz1542 on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by thefuzz1542

Okay so my RyZen build (Maximum Effort) is very close to be completed. Well, as in when the Asus Crosshair VI Hero ROG motherboard and R7 1800X CPU get shipped from per-order. But I still need to order just a couple more things. Does any one have confirmed listings of G1/4 threaded water blocks that will work with AM4? I know EK has confirmed all the new stuff will but apparently the stuff Amazon and some other online retailers have is still out of date and don't have the proper brackets and I really don't want to express ship one from the UK where they are made. It doesn't even have to be super fancy, I just wanted a solid, well performing water block that looks nice but crazy RGB is not required. 2nd thing, I really want the the new Corsair DDR4 LED Vengeance memory, but like most DDR4 listings out there right now it is showing a bunch of Intel specs and C15 / C16 timings. I know this memory should work okay but will it work well once everything is primarily set to Intel specs. I know with corsairs DDR3 stuff it worked well and could support both Intel's XMP and AMD's AMP. Any one know if this will be true with DDR4? Plus if I'm not mistaken, the AMP and XMP settings is just a preset list of numbers correct? So even if its not "per-loaded" I should still be able to set these manually or maybe even a motherboard preset? The Asus ROG motherboards are usually pretty good at that. I'm just concerned about spending $260 to $300 on memory then in a month they will be like "for the same amount, here is memory specifically meant for RyZen." or even worse "Oh, the C15/C16 spec memory wont even allow you to boot".

                              Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!



Okay so after a lot of time spent researching and looking around AND BUYING ONE AND PAYING FOR FAST DELIVERY DIRECTLY FROM EK Asus tweeted that the Crosshair VI Hero will fit all AM3 brackets as it has both mounting holes! So that took care of that, and ended up just getting a EK Supremacy EVO. As far as ram goes I ended up going with Vengeance red LED thanks again for the help.