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How do I contact support about an RMA error?

Question asked by kulaga on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by amdmatt

I received a support email that my advance ship RMA was received and this completes the transaction. Only problem is I did not do an advance RMA (wish I knew it existed a week ago). How do I contact AMD to tell them they still need to send a replacement!!! I can't believe there is no phone, email, web form, etc. to check the status or respond to them.


Email received:


  This is a confirmation notice from AMD Global Customer Care with

     regards to Cross Ship Warranty Request RMA# 2000234790. for your AMD

     retail packaged Processor(s) in a Box.


     Product         Serial#         Result



     AD789KXDJCHBX  9GJ7911E60549      RETURN RECEIVED

     This is to confirm receipt of your defective product which you shipped
     back to us as part of the Cross Ship Warranty Replacement.

     This completes this transaction and we thank you for your business.

     Best regards,

     AMD Global Customer Care.