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Is my gpu broken or is there something else that's wrong?

Question asked by voikka on Feb 24, 2017
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I'm not sure whether this post should be in here or in the graphics section, but here we go.


I have a XMG p502 (clevo p150em) gaming laptop with intel i7-3630qm processor, amd radeon HD 7970m gpu, crucial m500 128 gb msata ssd and HGST 1 tb hdd. Some time ago i tried to launch Witcer 3 on lowest settings. I got to main menu and managed to change all the settings to low and shortly after that my screen suddenly went black (not during graphic setups switch, but still in main menu). After that when i tried to start my computer it froze during windows 7 startup at windows logo and next time i ran windows startup repair as suggested by windows. After that windows did start but device management didn't recognize my 7970m and it said something along the lines of "device cannot start (code 10)". Since then i have tried both old drivers that came with the laptop and latest ones provided by the manufacturer in windows 7 clean installed to my 128 gb msata ssd and 1tb hdd and none of the possible combinations of those has worked. It seemed that it didn't matter on which disk (ssd or hdd) windows was installed (and ofcourse the drivers). With the latest drivers windows again will freeze during start up and if i happen to get through that windows doesn't recognize the gpu nor will it be active. With the older drivers windows starts fine and device manager does recognize the gpu and sais there's nothing wrong with it, but if i try to open catalyst control center i almost immediately get a notice saying "catalyst control center: host application has stopped working" and it seems the 7970m isn't used when gaming. The computer runs fine with only drivers for integrated intel graphics 4000 and without amd drivers aside from not being able to play any kind of demanding game with proper framerates.



Is it possible my gpu is broken or is there something else wrong with my computer? Also would buying a new 7970m fix everything?



Thank you for the information in advance and sorry for my inferior linguistical abilities.