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    radeon settings bugs


      !i just updated the new driver,witch released at 2017/2/22.(Ver:17.2.1 with WHQL)

      but there's a serious problem in new radeon setting.

      here is the Settings that i setted.


      And the bugs is,every time,i reboot my PC or turn on my PC next day, all the Settings changed,like below.

      is that means , i have to do these Settings everytimes ? or just don't shutdown my PC ? are u kidding me ?


      And there's another bug is...

      when i use Anti-aliasing Mode(Override application Settings).

      the game will became terrible,like below


      that's the reason , i can't use Anti-aliasing at all...by AMD's card.


      i have reported these issues,but no response....


      there's my PC:

      windows10 64bit with lasted updates.

      Intel Xeon E3-1230v5

      Asus e3 pro gaming v5 board

      8Gx2 DDR4 with 2133MHz mem

      xfx RX470 4G graphics card

      CPU And GPU with no OC.

      regret to buy AMD's card now...

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          1.Update BIOS

          2.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode by DDU program and install 16.11.5 or 17.2.1 driver Windows 10 (64-bit)

          3.I strongly suggest you to try 16.11.5 first You don't need the latest driver for most of existent games. Especially for WoW.

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              i have solved this,by another way,without downgrade driver.

              the method in another post.

              but i still cannot use any of anti-aliasing.

              i also play "moon blade" which optimization by AMD,after Radeon(16.2.2)

              not just "Wow"

              also thanks for your reply.

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                  I wouldn't name it downgrading. Especially if it possibly can resolve all of your problems.

                  ReLive drivers are unstable and have many compatibility issues.

                  The best way to resolve any problems with ReLive drivers is not to use them. At least for now.

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                  after alot's of testing,i found a simple way to make  Radeon-17.2.1-WHQL works fine.

                  1.delete c:\AMD

                  2.reboot in safe mode,Using DDU do a clean.(do not select reboot option)

                  3.after step2,reboot in safe mode again.And do a hardware scan. that windows10 will auto install your graphic card drivers ,Using backup files by windows.

                       now u can see the backup drivers is in "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\xxxx....etc....."(how to:graphics card->property->drivers info)

                       change the dir "xxxx....etc....." permission,then u can delete it..

                       Using DDU again,when done ,reboot in safe mode.

                  4.repeat step3,until your graphics card->property,shows the driver is "Basic xxxxx....By Microsoft"

                       congratulation,u totally clean AMD's drivers.

                       then u can install new drivers.


                  repeat times is depend on How many times windows backup drivers And Disk clean.

                  if your windows update is on,u should disconnect your network,when u doing this.

                  today i power on my pc,and  issue comes out Again.

                  This is a driver bug, absolute!

                  DDU works fine,just 17.2.1 Not yet added to their cleanup list.

                  Now, I have to decide whether to downgrade or use another troublesome approach.

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                  I assume you have Windows10...have you taken the steps to prevent/delay Windows from automatically installing/changing the graphics drivers?

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                      Yes, I'm using win10, and I've noticed all the things you said

                      Just now, 16.11.5 also buged.

                      And then go through the process of restarting and installing, cleaning and testing again and again

                      I use my way to make it work.

                      Global settings are normal because they are stored in the registry and are called correctly when the driver is loaded.

                      However, the custom profile are stored in the user.blb file, which is loaded only when the Radeon settings is started. (bug form here, the Radeon Settings does not load the custom profile when it is started.then you open the RadeonSettings to check, it also not Correct loading user.blb content)

                      Now, for me, a useful way is to

                      Install 17.2.1, set the global settings and add custom profile, then turn off RadeonSettings. and disable it auto start.

                      thanks for AMD's ADL,i make a tool, that can load User.blb,let custom profile take effect.

                      I hope that someone can give feedback to the engineer where the problem occurs, so that the problem can be solved earlier.

                      If someone have to use the custom profile, but also encountered this problem, I can give you my tools

                      also can consulted the ADL doc make tools.