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Can we please have some support for Minecraft! Needs a Crossfire profile (for intense shaders) and Relive doesn't work.

Question asked by rynz4amd on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by amdmatt


Yes, I know Minecraft does not need a Crossfire profile for the average joe these days. The game runs fine on integrated graphics BUT! Some of us crazy's like fancy pretty graphics and may not have all the hardware we might need to do this on Minecraft. I'll keep it short. Minecraft is JAVA. I can add the Javaw.exe to the "detected games" profiles but I don't think it does anything heh...


Anyways, trying to render shaders on minecraft is terribly deficient and even good hardware has a hard time rendering it. My RX480 8gb 1330mhz gets 60-70fps on medium high setting shader packs. Thats a good frame rate but the fps dips and the ability to record with Relive doesn't work. At all. It records a black screen with sound.

I would like to see:

*Crossfire support for intense shader mods. (A crossfire profile)

*Fix Relive so it just works.

*Make Crimson driver recognize the Java environment as an actual game when the actual minecraft starts. I think the Minecraft Launcher confuses the driver. My theory is... Crimson thinks the Minecraft launcher is the game and when the launcher starts the actual game, the (java environment).. Crimson seems to disregard it as a regular application that doesn't need hardware acceleration.


PLEASE! I won't hold my breath guys... It's a JAVA application but I would love some support if anywhere possible.


Thank you