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got new Rx 460 nitro OC 4GB  worked for two weeks and just died ?!

Question asked by madjoo on Feb 24, 2017

i come  back from work two weeks ago and my Screen was on sleep mode i couldn't weak up the computer by moving mouse or pressing any keys..
i restart the computer and windows booting up start loading for 30 sec then screen turn black says No video input ! and Monitor turn to sleep mode..and i hear the windows keeping working i hear the sound of entering to windows.

when im goin into safe mode windows is loading normally... or only if i disable the graphic card..


i tried:

1.removed the graphic card from his slot and cleared the slot..
2.removed RAM and open the computer with ram and without no change have made.
3.played with bios settings windows only load when bios set to my Mather board Graphic card...didn't help.

4.removed the com's battery and plugged in again nothing..

5.uninstall all the graphic card drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller didn't help

6.opened windows from low resolution didn't help..
7.opened windows from last good configuration work!, but its Disable Rx 460 graphic CHANGED!
8. disck cheak all fine..didn't help

9.i cant do a System restor cause i disabled this option in my computer so i don't have point to restor..

10.i updated all the drivers with new one with program called Tweakbit Driver Updater...


can it be problem with my adapter and graphic card conflict?  i just found that i can't find the Adapter in device manager?







Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670
Memory: 16384MB RAM
RX 460 OC 4gb Nitro



what can be the problem ?!!?!?