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17.2.1 huge performance decrease Paragon

Question asked by dinin70 on Feb 24, 2017



Compared to 16.12.2, the installation of the latest drivers 17.2.1 causes a strong performance decrease in Paragon and Unreal Tournament (UE4).


I'm taking about from 60-70FPS in 16.12.2 to 20-30FPS in 17.2.1, in Paragon. The same occured with all interim drivers beween the two releases.


Returning to 16.12.2 allows to experience back the 60-70FPS.



Is there a tweaking that must be made? In the meantime I'm staying on the 16.12.2.



For information my rig is:



AsRock 970 Fatal1ty (bios 1.2)

8GB RAM 1600mhz XMP

2x Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro 1050mhz - 16.12.2

Windows 10 - 64b