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Quake Live crashes on map change with RX 480

Question asked by jdub on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by jdub

Hello everyone, my machine config is in my bio.


Since getting my RX 480 back in November the steam game Quake Live has been crashing every few map changes, sometimes after first starting the game and loading the first map.


The problems *seems* to be getting worse with more recent drivers. I've tried:






Without luck. I'm going to try installing 17.2.1-feb22 but I doubt it will change anything. I'm wondering if it could be a config thing... maybe theres some setting in the drivers like anti-aliasing that should be changed or disabled? I'm happy to provide any crash reports requested to try and track this down. Just let me know where to find it. The only driver settings I've changed or played with were making sure 144hz and Freesync were enabled.