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    global wattman crashing with 290x - anyhelp please :D


      Short verion (All because I wanted more frames while playing Wildlands Open Beta)


      Decided to OC my graphics card using Global Wattman -> when i changed GPU and Memory from a set frequency to Dynamic my screens went funny (almost like they were tearing) then my computer blue screen and reset it self. After reset global wattman reverted the GPU and Memory back to a set frequency.


      For test two I decided to manually adjust the GPU and Memory frequency. Nothing happened when I move Memory from 1300 -> 2000 and GPU to from 0 -> 10 (image http://puu.sh/uhemr/6b7bd4ba93.jpg)


      Now weird part was when I moved GPU from 10 -> 15 it went back to 10.  When I went to 20 it cause a error (not a blue screen) and the client reset it self once again. So right now I think I am at the sweet spot but I wish to know why when my GPU frequency goes higher why it has a fit and crashes. Also if there is something I can do to fix this problem or is it just a limitation of the graphics card (I don't think its my PSU since its 850watt)