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Seriously AMD! CF enabled games don't use CF, CF disabled game goes into CF

Question asked by sinster on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2017 by ismithers

This is getting old fast.  I have already dropped AMD CPU after using them since the T-Bird days.  Now with the crappy support and even worse drivers.  Looks like I'm going to your competition.  yes I understand they have issues, but not after driver release since AMD introduced Crimson drivers.  I know you fan boys/gals will flame me..


Submitted numerous tickets and don't hear anything back.


I have profiles with CF enabled, but when I go play those games CF is in fact disabled as I monitor them during game play.  I have profiles with CF disabled and when in fact it's running in CF.


I've tried a fresh install of the O/S.  I use Uninstall, DDU, and CCleaner to remove old drivers.


Like I said previously AMD toots their horn about how a RX480 in CF will keep up with a 1080 for less money. AMD is pushing CF and make it a selling point.